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Multicast of the 7750 – IGMP static joins

Here we will configure IGMP and associate an interface with it. We will also create a static join which is useful for troubleshooting but I guess on a platform like the 7750 you would use it for broadcast TV.

Let’s create an interface first, I’ll call it igmp but the name is irrelevant to the IGMP process.

config router interface igmp
port 1/1/2:3

Now lets start IGMP and associate the interface with the process

config router igmp interface "igmp"

Unshut the process if not already done
So now the interface is there we need to associate the static mapping to it. We wil use group Once we do this we will see a warning message

*A:R3>config>router>igmp>if# static group
WARNING: CLI The static group is not yet created because source or starg is not yet specified.

What this means is we need to either set the static source or configure it as ASM, the starg keyword meaning (*,g)
so all we need to do is lash in the keyword and we should see the shared tree back to the RP


And we do, the link to R3 is in the OIL

*A:R4# show router pim group detail
PIM Source Group ipv4
Group Address :
Source Address : *
RP Address :
Advt Router :
Flags : Type : (*,G)
MRIB Next Hop :
MRIB Src Flags : self Keepalive Timer : Not Running
Up Time : 0d 00:09:51 Resolved By : rtable-u
Up JP State : Joined Up JP Expiry : 0d 00:00:08
Up JP Rpt : Not Joined StarG Up JP Rpt Override : 0d 00:00:00
Rpf Neighbor :
Incoming Intf :
Outgoing Intf List : R3_1/1/2
Curr Fwding Rate : 0.0 kbps
Forwarded Packets : 0 Discarded Packets : 0
Forwarded Octets : 0 RPF Mismatches : 0
Spt threshold : 0 kbps ECMP opt threshold : 7
Admin bandwidth : 1 kbps
Groups : 1

Short and sweet

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