Me buzz, wha?!

I’m a freelance consultant type dude. I am a network designer and I get to do some cool stuff.. Most of my work is on SROS (TiMOS) when I’m not writing documents, it’s a pretty cool OS. The Internet is bereft of anything to do with ALU though so I hope to add some config and theory resources here specifically for 7×50 platforms and 7210 access switches.

I have done CCNA CCNP CCDA CCDP, NRS1 and NRS2 over the last 10 years, I passed several ALU exams which will go towards the SRA but Juniper is in my past so I let my certs expire. I also did a CCIE thingy and now I’m just a number.

Some fascinating facts:
I am married with 2 lovely kids, the interpretation of lovely can vary depending on the day. I am very lucky to have a fantastic, understanding and tolerant wife. I cycle, play squash and try to run (badly and slowly). I’ve supported Liverpool FC since I was 6. Also I have a continuous buzz in my left ear from too much loud music as a teen. All my guitars gather dust in the wardrobe but I think I’m still cool.

  1. chineseboy
    July 30, 2015 at 5:18 am

    my timos in vmware reboot every 60 min i need a license can you help me how to have it ,thanks ,my email :

    • iamjeffvader
      November 9, 2015 at 10:17 pm

      No sorry, speak to your ALU representative. Licensing isn’t free unfortunately

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