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Studying for the Alcatel-Lucent NRS1 exam?

November 9, 2015 6 comments

I have written a study guide entitled¬†“Network Routing Specialist 1 – A Beefed-Up Self Study Guide” which covers the NRS1 track but digs deeper in to protocol function to a level that you might expect to see in the NRS2. Inside you will find chapters covering the 7×50 and 7210 hardware, tips and tricks on navigating the CLI, end of chapter quizzes and a lab covering IGP, MPLS, BGP and services.

The ebook is almost 700 pages long and technical content review was provided by Darren O’Connor and Davide Barbaro.

If you are interested please check out my business site

The book is now priced at $29 and is available in pdf or epub format.

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