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Look what I did – CCIE #40869

October 13, 2013 2 comments


I passed the Service Provider CCIE lab exam in Brussels last week. I spent all my free time studying since the new year and finally got my reward.  You can read my 3700 something word journey post over here In the mean time I am heading off on holidays for the next couple of weeks for some RnR with my family but when I return I will be back on the ALU tracks.

I have applied to the SRC team to have my CCIE exempt me from taking the BGP exam which I think leaves VPRN, Multicast and Adv Troubleshooting to qualify for the SRA lab exam (I seem to remember a mail from SRC about TPS being removed from the SRA track).  I still need to sit the NRS2 lab in the mean time which is where I will be focusing on, until I can get a date and have the cash to take it.

Upcoming posts will focus on the more complicated elements covered in the NRS2 lab.

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