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Base Topology for Further Posts

I have been really busy trying to get stuff done in work so haven’t has a chance to post anything and any spare time goes on study or family so it’s time to rectify that.

This is the topology I will be using for most of the build I do here. If I need to add in other links or devices I will state that.

Lab basic

Naming and numbering conventions:

-Routers are called rx with r1-4 being SR1 chassis and r5 is a SR7.
-System addresses are x.x.x.x
-Interfaces are ‘torx’, e.g. the link from r5 to r2 is tor2
-Point to point addressing follows xy.xy.xy.x/24 where x is the lower numerical rx and y is the higher numeric rx, e.g. the above mentioned link is on r2

I have some testers dotted around the place and a few Ciscos/Junipers connected for various bits I’m doing. I will point out where they are if I end up including them in a post.

First up, OSPF

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