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Unachievable Targets for the Coming Year…

Tis the season to write stuff down on what I hope to achieve over the coming year so that I might laugh at my abject failures in 12 months time.

My primary goal is one of self improvement.  This coming week marks the return of bi weekly squash and I need to be out on my bike cos I’m waaaayyy too fat again.  Regardless of if it’s cold/wet/windy.

Ridiculous one:

1) See Liverpool win the league.  No chance, but some hope all the same.

Professional goals:

2) Complete the NRS2 lab, this one should be achievable.  The issue here is one of cost. $750 worth of cost for a professional level cert!  Plus flights to Brussels and accommodation.  This is where my (lack of) negotiation skills come in to play with work.

3) Complete the SRA lab which includes sitting 5 more written exams.  This one is optional for me depending on completion of the writtens to become eligible.  I have it on good authority I can be at the level required for the lab in a couple of months of consistent practice.

4) Make a decision on whether I continue with my ‘dream’ of the CCIE RS or switch to the SP track, which I prefer.  This will be down to INE in part if they are willing to compromise on what I have already paid for.

5) Do a couple of CCNA levels certs, primarily the SP if INE release some vids as rumoured. As a hater of voice getting that CCNA done would be nice so I have some experience of it.

6) If time allows do the CCNP SP.

Are any of these achievable ?  Only time will tell.


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