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Notes IOS-XR Overview INE

admin enters admin mode

conf t enters admin config mode

group root-system allows users into admin group

group root-lr (logical router)

$uid@admin to enter admin from lr


CSC controls packet routing

SFC controls switch fabric/backplane

state of both above should be powered

PRP state should be ios-xr run (bringdown normal for standby card)


show diag [summary]

show platform



conf t

sdr <name>

location #/#/* to allocate cards to lr, eg 0/1/*


show install active shows packages active

sho install inactive show packages not active

install activate

install commit to fully commit package to chassis.


sho config fail

sho commit

sho run (active config)

sho config (pre commit config)

sho config commit  list (diff changes)

                               changes [since]

                               label <name>

rollback configu 1 (undoes last commited change)

comit confirm # (to set a time by which the commit must be aborted)

sho run | utility egrep <regex>

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